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    • Museum Field Trips
      How Field Trips Boost Learning Retention
      Did you know that field trips have been found to increase student engagement and retention of information? Field trips also increase student interest and knowledge of topics learned in the classroom through visiting hands-on learning environments. By being able to experience what they learned in the classroom, students become more aware of their own community and world. Hands-on experiences [...]
    • superhero fruit and veggies
      Superheroes Eat Plenty of Fruits and Veggies
      It’s time to flip our calendars to August and start a new theme of the month! The theme for this month is “Fruits and Veggies,” and we couldn’t be more excited to get started. Every weekend in August, children will learn about different fruits and veggies while making crafts in [...]
    • Touch-a-Truck 2019
      Explore Big Trucks and More at Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum’s 7th Annual Touch-a-Truck Event
      Fun for the whole family; Great Lakes Bay Region community enrichment day where children and their families can play while learning! SAGINAW, Mich.—Have you ever seen a child’s face light up when discovering something new and exciting? Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum is elated to announce its 7th annual Touch-a-Truck event, where [...]
    • Fun in the Sun MMCM
      Jump Into July with Our Lakes and Beaches Theme
      The sun is shining, and it is time to enjoy summer vacation! This month’s theme at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum is “Lakes and Beaches,” and we cannot wait for the fun activities planned for our visitors. Every weekend during the month of July, there will be a variety of “Lakes [...]
    • kids birthday party
      Summer Parties at Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum
      Do you have a birthday or other special event happening this summer? It is always fun celebrating, but hosting a party can become stressful. First, you need to consider having enough space at your home to accommodate the number of guests. If you do not have enough room inside, then [...]
    • MMCM, June, Activities
      Let’s Celebrate! MMCM Turns 11 & Sports Inspire June Activities
      With summer right around the corner and warm weather on the way, it is time to get outside and get moving! This month’s theme at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum is “Sports,” and we have many exciting activities planned for our visitors. Every weekend during the month of June, there will be interactive activities and [...]
    • STEM camp at MMCM
      Fun Summer Camps in 2019
      Welcome to Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum Summer Day Camps! Even though there is still a month left of school, your Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum cannot wait for summer! We all remember playing outside, soaking in the sun and going for bike rides. But what happens when your kids do all of that [...]
    • Art Mart hot air balloons
      Moving into May with MMCM
      At Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, we love to be out-of-the-box thinkers and push our imaginations to new heights. This month “transportation” is the theme, and we are bringing interactive play to the museum to learn about cars, planes, boats and more! Every Saturday during the month of May, children will be [...]
    • Indoor Tooth-Friendly Egg Hunt
      Healthy Smiles & Fun at 7th Annual Indoor Tooth-Friendly Egg Hunt
      SAGINAW, Mich.—The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum will host its 7th annual Indoor Tooth-Friendly Egg Hunt from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 13, 2019. With support from Great Lakes Bay Region dentists and orthodontists, children will enjoy a fun, healthy egg hunt along with a day of engaging gallery [...]
    • Kids at Heart – 2019
      SAGINAW, Mich.—On Thursday, February 7, 2019, the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum will host the 12th annual Kids at Heart (formerly known as Arts from the Heart) auction, an event for grown-ups that’s as fun and interactive as our galleries themselves! Guests will enjoy gallery games and get to bid on family [...]
    • Holiday Usborne Book Fair to Fund Children’s Literacy Programs
      The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum (MMCM) and the READ Association of Saginaw County will host a Book Fair on Friday, December 7 from 10am-4 pm; Saturday, December 8 from 10am-4pm; and Sunday, December 9 from 12pm-4pm at MMCM, 315 W. Genesee Ave., Saginaw. A large variety of books priced at $4.99 [...]
    • MMCM Announces Samantha Jones as President & CEO
      Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum – located at 315 W. Genesee Ave. in Saginaw – has named a new executive leader, Samantha Jones, following the recent departure of former President & CEO Emily Yeager. “Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum is delighted to introduce Samantha Jones as its new President & CEO,” said Evan Houpis, [...]