At-Home Play & Learn Fun!

March 17, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it’s important to bring play home and keep kids safe! Make sure you’re following along with our Facebook page (@MiChildrensMuseum) and this post where we are providing links to fun crafts, activities, and challenges that will keep your kids engaged and learning while out of school.

What are Germs?

Germs can be scary for kids. Why not make them fun and educational? We love the book, “What are Germs” from Usborn. Next time you visit the museum, check it out in our galleries and don’t forget March is reading month! While you’re home, try making this fun germ craft using paper, glue, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, and markers! If you’re missing some of these supplies at home, try improvising with recyclable materials like we do in our Scrap Studio. Share your creations with us on Facebook!

Ready for Takeoff

It’s easy to do science at home! Try this activity that’s part of our Force & Freefall lesson. Use the template to make a paper helicopter and watch which way it spins.

That’s So Sweet

Want to make some yummy treats to eat while the kids are home? Why not start with a good book and a paper cupcake before the real thing? You can use supplies you have right at home like a paper plate, colorful paper, and cotton craft balls as sprinkles. Yum!

Buoyant Boats

We love science and we really love that we can do science right at home! Create your own boat using aluminum foil and see how much weight it can hold when placed in water. You can use our suggested objects and test others from your own home. Let us know how strong your boat is by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram.

The Blue Whale Blues

Do you have the blue whale blues because you’re stuck at home? Make a happy whale out of an old egg carton, pipe cleaners, and paper to brighten your day! If you give this craft a try, share it with us below in the comments section.

Don’t Get the Paper Wet

Looking for some simple science activities to keep your kids occupied and engaged at home? Try out this fun water and air experiment with some items you should already have. All you need is a wide-mouthed glass, a facial tissue, a bowl filled 3/4 with water, and a towel for clean cup.

  1. Place the tissue in the bottom of the glass. (When you turn the glass upside down, the glass should remain in the bottom.
  2. Turn the glass upside down and hold it at shoulder height. Make sure the glass is filled with air and gently push it into the bowl of water. Notice how the water reacts.
  3. The water should move around the glass, leaving the inside dry.

Let us know what you think and if this experiment works for you! For an instructional video, click here.

The Lorax

March is reading month is coming to an end soon! Take this extra time at home to read some good books. One of our favorite authors is Dr. Seuss. He brought us some of the most well-known and loved children’s stories of our time. The Lorax reminds us to care about our planet. Make your own Lorax using a toilet paper tube, paper, and colored pencils or markers. Make sure you share your creations with us!

Can Water Lift Air?

Did you like our last water and air experiment? Want to try another one? For this experiment, you need even less materials and it should be just as fun. Grab a wide-mouthed glass and a fill a large bowl 3/4 up with water. Insert your glass at an angle into the bowl and watch as it begins to fill with water. Fill it 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full. Put your glass fully into the water. Notice how there is both water and air in the glass. Pull the glass upward but be careful not to break its seal in the water. The rim of the glass should still be in the water. You should notice that the water has stayed at the same level in the glass. Why? Air pressure! If you pull the glass fully out of the water, you’ll notice that the water splashes everywhere because there is no air pressure keeping it in the glass. For an instructional video, click here.

Wilbur the Pig

Wilbur is quite the pig in Charlotte’s Web. With today’s Saturday craft, you can make your own little piggy that is pig-ture perfect. There are many different ways you can make a pig using items you have at home! Share you craft with us on our social media and let us know what items you used to make your pig.

Tall Tower Challenge

Know any kiddos that dream of being an engineer or an architect? Have them try to build an index card tower! Add to the challenge by making a height requirement or saying it needs to hold up one of their toys for 15 seconds. Have fun building together!

Planet Earch Eco Exploration – Virtual Spring Break Camp

Welcome to our virtual spring break camp, Planet Earth Eco Exploration! These activities will help you learn about how we can help our Earth. Our first activity involves our spinning eco wheel. What animals you can name on the wheel? Do you know what they eat? This activity helps us explore the food chain. Who do you think is at the top?

Thyme to turnip the beet! Plant your own garden at home by creating an egg carton seed planter. You can use any seeds you might already have. Take your learning further by reading about how plants grow with one of these stories!

Our next activity helps see what plants, animals, and humans need to survive! Print and cut out the first image into squares. Then, have the kids place the objects in the category they think they belong. Don’t have a printer? You can use some blank paper and draw your own images using ours as an example.

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